After transparency…how to define Responsible Pricing?

Five years ago, the microfinance industry knew little to nothing about the prices charged in microfinance. We now have more transparent prices, based on consistent definitions and formulas. And the results are surprising in many ways, showing an extremely wide range of prices charged.

Why are prices so different between countries, and among the MFIs in the same country?  Why do some countries have large portions of the market paying true prices of 100% and more?

We are now ready to use transparent pricing data – arguably obligated to use that data – to dialogue on the important question of “How do we define responsible pricing?”  Chuck Waterfield will present the latest pricing analysis done by MFTransparency.  He will summarize the questions and discussions currently taking place in the industry and tackles this next important question that has been ignored or  unanswered for the past 30 years.


Chuck Waterfield, CEO & Founder MicroFinance Transparency
Pennsylvania, USA

Chuck Waterfield has 25 years experience in microfinance, with a mixture of practical field experience (six years starting MFIs in both Haiti and Bolivia) and experience leading network strategy development (serving as microenterprise director for both MEDA and for CARE International). As a global expert in product pricing, he is CEO and Founder of MicroFinance Transparency in 2008, a non-profit dedicated to resolving the lack of transparent pricing in the microfinance industry.

He is the well-known creator of “Microfin”, the most popular financial planning software in the microfinance industry and teaches business planning courses around the world, with more than 3,000 microfinance professionals having been trained in his courses. 

Currently on faculty of Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, he was formerly on the faculty of the Boulder Microfinance Training Program for ten years and Southern New Hampshire University’s Microenterprise Development Institute for eight years.

In addition to Microfin, he has a broad range of products and publications including the SEEP FRAME Tool, the CARE Credit and Savings Sourcebook, and CGAP Handbook on Management Information Systems.


Watch the full video report hereunder.